Sous-vide poached egg
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. Sous-vide your eggs at 63C, this will cook the yolk to be runny but cooked, the white will not be hard but will be opaque. If you cook for 45 mins the cooking temperature will be able to penetrate the egg shell and the contents so the center of the egg will be at the cooking temperature.
  2. Remove the eggs and run in cold water so you can handle them easily.
  3. Gently crack a small window in the wall of the shell of an egg and gently pour it into a bowl. The loose white will run freely and we will be discarding that. We are trying to keep the outer membrane of the tight white intact.
  4. Using a large spoon gently remove the intact tight white containing the yolk.
  5. Add the tight white containing the cooked yolk to the pot for 1 minute to firm up the tight white of the egg.
  6. Retrieve with a large spoon and plate (this example some of the tight white was lost in the boiling but the egg still looked acceptable)

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