What is a Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic Diet is any diet that produces ketones.  The specific diet that the Keto Dudes follow is

  1. Carbohydrate: < 20g (Trace amounts)
  2. Protein: 1.0 – 1.5g/Kg of Lean Body Mass
  3. Fat: To Satiety

Your own experience may be different.

Some people can stay in ketosis with up to 50g of carbs, some have to be under 5g.  Most people will be making ketones under 20g.

As for protein even the experts don’t agree.  The minimum protein requirements appear to be around 0.7g/Kg LBM, and most humans can apparently metabolize up to 3g/Kg (LBM).

Dr Rosedale recommends 0.8 g/Kg LBM, Profs Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek suggest between 1.0 – 1.5 g/Kg LBM.

Some people are unable to respond to satiety signals and have to limit their calories from fat.  Most people once they get rid of carbohydrates are able to use satiety to fuel themselves appropriately.

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