Are peanuts keto?

Peanuts are not Paleo.
Peanuts in small amounts can be Keto (and certain people – not looking at any Zorn in particular – apparently can’t have any PB in the house cos eating small amounts is an unreasonable demand).
Paleo sometimes gets conflated with Keto because they are both grain free, and neither is low fat, and they end in “O”, but they are dramatically different diets. Paleo is a diet focused on food purity based on our co-evolved food sources, keto is a diet designed for how our bodies biochemically process food in particular how much insulin it provokes.

Paleo good – Keto bad

Some examples of foods that would be fine for paleo folk, but would probably make keto folk cry include; dates, honey, maple syrup, sweet potatoes and yams. They are all too insulinogenic for keto folk.

Dairy is Keto, Paleo not so much

Dairy for example is excluded by paleo because many humans came from cultures have not had dairy long enough for us to evolve the ability to eat it. But many come from those which have. So if you have northern european ancestors then you can likely digest milk sugars into adulthood, and have less problems digesting proteins from non-human mammals.
For those of us on a ketogenic regime, who have the genetic heritage, milk proteins and fats provide a staple food source, and we can even tolerate small amounts of milk sugars. eg: cheeses, creams, butter.

Nuts to that

Paleo restrict peanuts for good cause – they have a lot of the pesky plant defensive tactics common to legumes that inflame our guts.
Peanuts are moderately high in carbohydrates, so they are not something people eating keto should base their meals around, but in small amounts they are fine.
I feel the same way about soy – another issue that sets paleo heads on fire.

… and then there is Meat glue

Finally there are a whole bunch of modern food ingredients that I personally have no problem adding to my diet because they don’t provoke insulin release, but would be utterly foreign to a Paleo plate … for example I have minced raw shrimp, added an enzyme called transglutaminase (Chefs call it meat glue) and extruded the result into ribbons to “set” in a warm water bath and made Zero-Carb Shrimp Noodles.
Now THAT is likely to make most paleo people just climb the wall muttering “Frankenfood” – but they are totally keto and totally delicious fried up with some speck and some shrimp head oil and served in a spinach cream sauce.

Notable Replies

  1. Well that’s it then - if it’s good enough for :phinney: & :volek: then it’s good enough for me.

  2. I would love someone to tell me :phinney: and :volek: aren’t keto!

  3. Depends whether they’re coated in candy or not.

  4. That’s how I met my wife on an airplane she asked if she could have my peanuts and I thought she said something else and one thing led to another and here we are 20 years later with 3 kids ,Peanuts go figure,they can be dangerous on an airplane

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