What happens if I fall off the horse?

Get right back on it as soon as possible? OK, that’s a bit glib. Let us tell you what works for us. Let’s say you have a bad day and eat some carbs. You’ll probably feel the carb cravings come back. You’ll recognize that hunger pang that would have you believe you’re starving to death. First thing in the morning, we eat fat. Maybe you whizz up some coconut oil in your coffee. Maybe you fry up some eggs in butter with some cheese and a side of bacon. Eat some fat, STAT! That’s your weapon against hunger. Remember: Eat when hungry. Stop when full. Don’t shy away from fat. It will satisfy your hunger. After a few days your hunger will have vanished completely (again), and you’ll be back in control. Don’t even worry about the scale. You most likely just put on a little water weight.

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