Ketofest Cooks! Cooking Demos at Ketofest 2017

When Richard Morris and I started planning the very first Ketofest back in 2016, one element we really wanted was a day of cooking classes. There happened to be a commercial kitchen available at the Spark Makerspace in New London, just a short walk from where the main event was happening on Social Saturday (July 15th). The kitchen area can hold about 60 people standing comfortably, so it seemed like a great fit. I worked with Spark to hang a large-screen TV from the ceiling, with which we could show a live video from a camera in the kitchen. We did nine 30-minute demonstrations, which included tastings for 40 people (each). Aside from a few logistical snags, it was a huge success!

This post puts the videos and recipes from that day in one place.  You can always get back here from Please share it far and wide!

Louise Reynolds Cooks Smoked Salmon Frittata

A delicious easy peasy super keto Smoked Salmon Frittata that is versatile enough for a family weeknight meal, and can still impress even the fussiest pot luck dinner guests.

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Brenda Zorn and Richard Morris Cook Pork Rind Waffles

You won’t believe how close the texture is to traditional waffles. You can’t taste the pork rind flavor at all! If you do not try these, you are missing out!

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Fiorella Sist Cooks Polenta Poppers

Arancini (pronounced ah-rahn-CHEE-nee) are typically a breaded deep-fried risotto ball with cheese in the middle. Fiorella keto-izes them!

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Richard Morris Cooks Pulled Beef Six Ways

Richard shows you how to slow cook a chuck roast and portion it for freezing. Then he serves it in six different meals.

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Kim Howerton Cooks Lemon Dream Cake

There are no words for the lemon wonderland you might find yourself transported to if you eat this cake.

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Carl Franklin Cooks Keto Clam Chowda

A New England Favorite! Carl shows you how you can make the best Clam Chowder you’ve ever had.

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Jill Knopoff Cooks No-Bake Chocolate Brownie Energy Bars

These No-Bake Brownie Bars hit the spot, while maintaining ketogenic macros.

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Chef Taffiny Elrod Cooks Crunchy Cinnamon-Coconut Granola

An easy to make and modify, cinnamon-sweet, grain-free granola packed with toasted coconut and crunchy nuts and seeds.

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Tara Shimer Cooked Shrimp Pad Thai

Succulent shrimp and egg, stir-fried in a delectable, sweet, but savory, coconut milk based peanut sauce. Perfectly ketogenic and delicious!

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