Chart House Blue Cheese Dressing

This amazing Blue Cheese dressing recipe came from the highbrow restaurant chain, The Chart House. Once you taste it, you’ll be ruined. Sorry.

The cheese makes the recipe. My favorite is Roquefort, the king of cheeses. It may be hard to find, but it’s worth the effort to seek out a source.

I introduced this recipe on my ketogenic lifestyle podcast with Richard Morris, 2 Keto Dudes.


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Chart House Blue Cheese Dressing
Prep Time 5 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
  1. Combine all ingredients and mix well.

7 Responses to “Chart House Blue Cheese Dressing

  • ketoberry
    7 years ago

    I tried this tonight, it was very good. I used Gorgonzola because I couldn’t find Roquefort. The garlic powder and worcestershire were a bit overpowering, I’ll cut those in half next time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Would be great if you included nutrition facts & carb count especially ?

  • I worked out the following information through a software ap called ReciPal that generates nutrition labels, the following is information for the total amount per serving (8) or a little over 3 ounces per serving:

    Calories = 360
    Calories from fat = 330
    Total fat = 36g
    Saturated fat = 12g
    Trans fat = 0
    Cholesterol = 60mg
    Sodium = 800mg
    Total carbs = 4g
    Dietary fiber = 0g
    Sugars = 3g
    Protein = 7g

  • Captain Bipto
    7 years ago

    nutrition facts and carb count can be easily calculated based upon the individual ingredients. of course, this would necessitate reading the labels for the principal ingredients affecting calories and carbohydrates and doing some arithmetic.

  • haven’t tried this one yet but adding a little poppy seed might really push it over the top. also all sour cream, no mayo (but that’s a personal preference). this is very similar to a recipe that I came up with but I think the Worcestershire sauce might be the missing ingredient on mine.

  • I made this using homemade mayo (see Butter Bob Briggs’ recipe). It was incredible – even before the flavors had a chance to meld!!

  • J. Benn
    5 years ago

    Made it, loved it! Never again will I buy store made!!!

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