How will I know if I’m fat adapted?

We just told you! <kidding>

Generally, if you have gone 6 weeks without eating carbs, and your hunger has gone away, to the point where you are forgetting to eat, you are most likely completely fat adapted. There is no litmus test for it, other than these subjective observations.

2 Responses to “How will I know if I’m fat adapted?

  • steve dearing
    7 years ago

    not sure if this is where i ask the question but i seem to struggle to be in ketosis i have been taking readings but without exercise i hover around.1 mll to if iam lucky .9 even this morning i didnt eat breakfast just to see how id go and it was .1 if i do long bike ride i can get to 1.9ml but i get the impression to be in ketosis you should be maybe above .5

    thanks steve

    • I have low ketones too, 0.2 to 0.8. I think >=0.1 is diagnostic. Higher numbers don’t really tell you a lot.

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