What is Fat Adaption, and how is it different from Nutritional Ketosis?

Nutritional ketosis happens overnight.

Just about every day when you wake your body is in a mild state of nutritional ketosis. Babies are born in ketosis. After about 3 days on a ketogenic diet, your body will most likely be deeper into nutritional ketosis.

That’s great! However, there is still work for your body to do. Your liver is getting good at oxidizing body fat in nutritional ketosis, but the cells in your body (including your brain) that once thrived on glucose now need to get more efficient at using the ketones generated by your liver as their primary fuel source. Slowly, your body gets more efficient over time. This process is called fat adaptation. It’s not a switch. It’s a spectrum. It starts with ketosis and ends with being completely fat adapted. The process can take 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

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  • Hey guys!
    Been loving your pod casts, just discovered them a few days ago and I’m binging Netflix style! Been on keto plan for 7 weeks and I’m still absolutely exhausted most of the time. Been mostly keeing on top of electrolytes and under 20 carbs. I’m still craving sugar and notice more carbs foods the moment I eat them,
    The sugar monster perks right up! Still eating some diary, mostly hard aged cheese and some cream cheese and whipping cream. I haven’t lost any weight either. I have really low iron and am currently getting iron infusions to get on top of that. Last CBC came back with a 12 ferritin. Any thoughts or help would be so appreciated’

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