Carl’s Chocolate Mousse

Here’s a simple recipe for chocolate mousse that I eat one spoonful at a time. It’s rich, sweet, and chocolaty, and being fat-adapted I don’t have to eat a lot to be satisfied. I use Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa Powder, but you can use your favorite. Since I started a ketogenic diet in February, 2016 I have done lots of tests with artificial sweeteners. Many of them spiked my blood glucose. I found, though, that Xylitol does not. What’s more, I can’t tell Xylitol from sugar. It’s important to note that if you have dogs, you should not have Xylitol in your house, as it is poisonous to them and could actually kill them.

I introduced this recipe on my ketogenic lifestyle podcast with Richard Morris, 2 Keto Dudes.


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Carl's Chocolate Mousse
This simple and delicious chocolate mousse is just what you need when the chocolate urge hits
Prep Time 10 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
  1. Whip the cream, but not too much - very soft peaks. I use a stainless steel bowl that has been chilled in the freezer, and a hand mixer.
  2. Add the other ingredients and mix with a spoon (at first), and then with the mixer, until completely combined.
  3. Chill in the fridge overnight so the sweetener dissolves. Alternatively, you could dissolve the sweetener in cream over low heat, but you'd have to chill just a little it before whipping. Enjoy.

14 Responses to “Carl’s Chocolate Mousse

  • Mine is coming out runny, what did i do wrong? Please help.

  • Vnesa15
    6 years ago

    Thanks Carl this is perfection! I can’t tell the difference between this and the old sugar laden mousse I used to eat before Keto. It’s so light and tasty AND simple.

  • This is fabulous. Could hardly wait to chill overnight. I added an 8 oz container of Mascarpone to set it and add richer fat with minimal carbs

  • Love this! At the suggestion of my husband..a retired chef.. I added some gelatin. So I doubled the recipe and added one envelope gelatin. It came to regular mousse consistency right away. So deliscious and decadent. Very rich also…you can’t eat much at a time. Keeps me full for a while. Perfect quick fat bomb. Thanks Carl!!! This is a winner!!!

  • I found this perfect to kick the chocolate dessert cravings, even when I am not in keto I think this is a simple and easy dessert to keep in the fridge! Thanks for the recipe.

  • Barbie n.
    6 years ago

    I used an immersion blender and did not have to heat the cream or chill overnight. I didchill the jar and blender first.

  • Mark Walker
    6 years ago

    Which sweetener do you find works best for this recipe?

  • Loughman Catherine
    6 years ago

    I gently mix everything first so that the flavours combine really well, then use an immersion blender. The consistency is more like chocolate butter and my favourite part is licking all that chocolate butter off the immersion blender. Yum.

  • I made this tonight. It was delicious! I added a tad bit of cream cheese for thickness. It’s so quick and easy. A definite go to dessert!

  • Melissa D Simpson
    6 years ago

    Serving size? Calories? Nutritional info. Sorry if I overlooked it.

  • Phil Chun
    5 years ago

    Made it. Love it. I used the vanilla essence to dissolve the sweetener.

  • Absolutely incredible and SIMPLE. First experience with xylitol. I hope I tolerate it. Gotta test that. Thumbs up!

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