Richard’s whole egg noodles

You can use these noodles anywhere you’d probably use cooked fettuccine – with bolonaise, or a vegetarian stir-fry, or fold them in a pesto sauce.

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Richard's whole egg noodles
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Vegetarian
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Vegetarian
  1. Break 4 eggs into a bowl
  2. Whisk the eggs until they are homogenous, and the mixture is light
  3. Get your pan on the heat and add a little ghee to lubricate the pan.
  4. When the pan is to heat (the ghee boiling) add a small amount of egg mix. Just enough to fully spread across the pan.
  5. Cook just one side of the egg crepe until the other side is dry
  6. Tap the cooked egg on a board, and keep cooking crepes until all the egg mix is used up
  7. Eventually you will have a stack of crepes
  8. Fold the stack over and slice the egg into fettuccine sized noodles

Notable Replies

  1. A thought… Possibly a genius thought… Maybe only use the whites? The noodles would be white, hence looking even noodlier, right? Plus, egg whites are more rubbery which might be an asset to the final product. I’m excited to try this as I’m always looking for ways to use the egg whites leftover when I make Keto frozen custard.

  2. A lot of good pasta includes egg yolks for the richness.

  3. These are kind of genius, pretty quick and good to add protein for vegetarian types. Noodle-y!!! Used them with Richard’s curry veg stir fry, also delish!

  4. I used butter & a little avocado oil, so I don’t think you need ghee except for a different flavor. My pan was non stick and the heat not too high-which I think are the keys-and patience. :wink:

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